Planning applications & building work

Are you considering building work on your property?

The Angmering On Sea Estate is maintained by its residents’ association (the Association), which is responsible for the maintenance of all roads, common verges, signage, street lighting and surface water drainage within its boundaries. The residents of the estate contribute towards the cost of this work through their annual fees. In addition, residents who wish to undertake development work to their properties requiring local authority planning consent will also require agreement from the Association. Such work will likely attract an additional fee (see table below).

The Association regularly checks the Arun District Council (ADC) planning lists for matters affecting the estate. When an application is noted the Association sends the resident a letter advising them of their interest and a notification that the work will attract payment of a fee. The rationale behind the need to levy additional fees is that our roads were not constructed to withstand the heavy loads placed upon them by those vehicles associated with the construction process. These vehicles contribute to seen, and unseen, damage to our property. The resulting maintenance is costly and should be contributed to be those residents undertaking the building work.

Once ADC has granted planning permission (normally about six weeks after an application) the Association will send a further letter to the resident along with a Development Licence for completion. Once completed, and the associated fee has been received, the resident may proceed with their work. The fee is calculated on the basis of the size of the development, the likely extent of any disruption, and wear and tear to the Association’s property. The resident will also be required to pay a deposit against any damage caused to the Association’s property during the construction process. Prior to the work commencing the Association will agree with the resident the condition of the road and verge, outside their property. This inspection will assist with the calculation of the cost of any damage, if any, to the Association’s property at the conclusion of the project. Should there be no damage the deposit will be refunded in full.

The Development Licence includes a schedule explaining the conditions to be followed by the resident and their workforce and both parties sign the document.


Type of Works Charges Deposit
Alterations to: internal fixtures & fittings, existing building/hardstanding, and excavations for walls/gates/fences/drives where no additional floor area is created and causing less than twelve cubic metres of waste. Nil Nil
Alterations to existing building/hardstanding and excavations for walls/gates/fences/drives where no additional floor area is created and causing more than 12 cubic metres of waste £50.00 £500.00
New outbuildings,  extensions,  including loft conversions increase in habitable space Up to 25sqm = £100

25sqm to 50sqm = £200

Over 50sqm & under 150sqm = £300

New house/a rebuild or extension over 150 sq mts £5.00 per sq metre £1000.00
Swimming pools £500.00 £750.00

The following is an example of a Development Licence:

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