Roads, Drains, Verges, Trees & Ground Maintenance

As part of its governance of the estate, the Association is responsible for the upkeep of the open areas within its boundaries. In order that these areas are properly maintained and are fit for purpose the Association employs contractors to oversee these areas of expert work. On a regular basis the roads, drains, trees and general areas of the estate are inspected to ensure they are of an acceptable standard, if not, the problems are rectified. In early 2017 an independent expert inspected our roads. He reported that all our roads are in a good to very good condition and that, with regular maintenance and care, should remain that way for many years to come.

The roads within the estate are not equipped with mains drainage. Heavy rainfall is often slow to drain away and this process is adversely affected by the high sub-surface water table. Generally rainfall will collect on the road surfaces and soak away into the verges at the sides of the roads. In some cases where rainfall collects on the surface and does not easily soak away it has been necessary to install additional drainage. Again, this is not mains drainage but is technically known as modular attenuation cells – similar in their construction to milk crates. This additional drainage functions slowly but does eventually alleviate the surface water issue. Please contact the managing agent if you notice extraordinary surface water collecting on the estate.

On a historical note, most properties within the estate have verges outside their boundaries. These verges belong to the Association but residents are asked to take responsibility and maintain ‘their’ verge. The style and design of the verges has developed over the years and, although no strict guidelines are in existence, residents are asked to contact the managing agent if their alterations to ‘their’ verge goes beyond general gardening and maintenance. Some verges include footpaths. Over the years some residents have grassed over ‘their’ paths. In general the Association does not object to these changes, but requests residents seek advice from the managing agent prior to any alterations taking place.

It is worth noting that any trees and shrubs planted in the verges are also the property of the Association and permission should be obtained from the managing agent prior to removing, or significantly pruning, them. The common grassed areas, islands and verges, for example, are maintained by the Association. If we “all do our bit” the beauty and individuality of the estate will be maintained for years to come.

The trees in the common areas of the estate and within the verges are, as stated, the property of the Association. They are examined by a tree surgeon every spring to ensure that they are safe and an assessment is made of the schedule for pruning. Please contact the managing agent if you have concerns about the trees outside your property or on the estate.

Occasionally you will notice contractors digging up the road surfaces within the estate. The type of work undertaken is usually by one of the utility companies. We maintain good liaisons with these companies to ensure that our roads are returned to the condition in which they are found. If you notice road repairs that are, in your opinion, substandard please contact the managing agent.