Finance & Charges

For the year ending 31 March 2017, it is expected that the Association will have received just over 90% of residents’ fees, which is a good performance. There are still some property owners, however, who refuse to make their contribution, although thankfully, this number is reducing year on year. Thank you to those of you who have already paid and be assured the Board continues to work towards its goal of receiving 100% of payments. In fact, you may be interested to learn that this year the Association has recouped over £3,500 in outstanding fees, thanks to some non-paying residents coming forward to renegotiate their membership, resulting in a positive outcome for all concerned.

As already mentioned, however, the Association still has arrears owing. So please, if you notice that your friend and/or neighbour does not have a membership sticker displayed, encourage them to contact the office to discuss their situation and let’s try to get to 100% payment in 2017!

As you know, the collected fees go primarily towards road repairs and the general upkeep of the estate – including maintenance of soakaways and signage, trees and shrubs – as well as legal matters, parking control and improved communication.

On the subject of what our fees are for, it cannot be more emphatically stated that the funds are essential to keep the estate roads maintained, which would otherwise fall into disrepair and either become impassable or incredibly expensive to re-lay. This year, a comprehensive Road Survey was commissioned which has reported that all our roads are in good to very good condition and, with the same degree of upkeep and care, should remain so for many years to come. With this in mind, there will be a small rise in resident’s estate fees for 2017/18 to allow the Association to resume topping up its reserve funds, which are imperative for any private estate to assure its future. The primary aim of the volunteer Board is to ensure our estate is maintained in a sustainable and effective way and this increase will go some way to help pay for the street lighting supply, as well as paying for such items as road resurfacing, soakaways and emergency tree works, should these arise. You will be receiving your 2017/18 Estate Charge invoice during April and prompt payment would be highly appreciated to help reduce the admin costs involved in sending out reminders and chasing payments.

Every dwelling on the estate is subject to a charge. The money raised through the charge is used to fund the maintenance programs in place to ensure the Estate is a safe and pleasant place to live. In order that the charge is seen to be fair and equitable the amount charged is based upon the current Council Tax Bands. Unfortunately we are forced to occasionally raise the charge in order to meet the increasing cost of service and supplies. This financial year there will be a small increase to the charge each household is required to pay.

Estate Fees for 2017/2018

Council Tax Bands 2016 Charge 2017 Charge Increase (2016/2017)
A £78.84 £81.99 £3.15
B £91.98 £95.66 £3.68
C £105.12 £109.32 £4.20
D £119.45 £124.23 £4.78
E £145.73 £151.55 £5.83
F £172.01 £178.89 £6.88
G £198.29 £206.22 £7.93
H £238.90 £248.48 £9.57

In order that we can plan for our foreseeable expenditure we can forecast the spend for the financial year. We predict that, based upon our spend for last year plus an inflationary addition, our expenditure for the financial year 2017/18 will be £46,150.

Proposed Spend Budget for 2017/2018

Spend Category Budget Proposal 2017/2018
Roads & Signage £17,000
Tree Maintenance £2,000
Islands & Verges £10,000
Administration (printing, postage &   website) £500
Professional & Law £2,000
Insurance £2,000
Agent £8,000
New Trees £1,000
Sundries £100
Accountancy Services £550
Street Lighting £3,000
TOTAL: £46,150