Boundaries & Drives

The boundaries of resident’s properties within the estate are recorded at Land Registry. Residents will have noticed that a plan is included in their deeds. According to Land Registry these plans are not generally drawn to scale and, therefore, cannot be relied upon to resolve boundary disputes. In order to resolve a dispute Land Registry advises that a surveyor accurately measures and draws the boundary in question. This will be at a cost to the residents in question. The drive within the boundary of a resident’s house is part of the associated freehold. Where the drive crosses the verge it becomes the property of the estate unless a Deed of Grant has been applied for and agreed. That being the case the resident will be responsible for that part of the verge affected by the Deed of Grant. Otherwise the verge will remain the property of the estate but within the resident’s care. See “Roads, Drains, Verges, Trees and Ground Maintenance.”